School Travel Information

Conditions of Issue

  • The regulations pertaining to any child’s eligibility for complete or partially subsidised travel are determined by the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • The bus pass remains the property of Yatala Bus & Coach.
  • The initial bus pass is issued without cost. Replacement passes (lost, stolen or damaged) required throughout the applicable year will incur a fee.


Conditions of Travel

  • Bus passes must be shown on entrymorning and afternoon, or approved single fare will be charged. Parents/guardians are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is equipped to travel to and from school
  • The bus pass is for use only by the student named on the pass and is NOT TRANSFERABLE
  • Payment with a ‘Part Pass’ must be via cash to the driver. TransLink gocards are not accepted as a form of payment.
  • The Bus Passis only valid for travel on school days between the student’s home and the school named
  • Bus passes must be shown on request to the driver or any inspector
  • Damaged passes where the details are illegible are not valid for travel. A replacement pass is to be sought by contacting Yatala Bus & Coach.


Eligibility and Application Forms

An application form must be completed by a parent/guardian if the student:

  • has not previously been issued a Yatala Bus & Coach school bus pass
  • is changing school, including transitioning to high school
  • has changed residential address and Yatala Bus & Coach has not been previously advised
  • has changed their name
  • has been advised that a previous application is no longer valid.


The Bus Travel Assistance (BTA) application form applies to new applicants who meet the distance eligibility criteria:

  • High school applicant resides 4.8km or more from the nearest state high school
  • Primary school applicant resides 3.2km or more from the nearest state primary school.


The Bus Travel Assistance Safety-Net (Safety Net) applies to new applicants who do not meet the distance criteria above and meet the additional requirements below:

  • High school applicant resides less than 4.8km from nearest state high school
  • Primary school applicant resides less than 3.2km from nearest state primary school
  • Student applicant/s must be listed on a pension or health care card
  • Pension or health care card holder must supply a copy of the card upon application.



Bus Pass Replacement Form 

Current bus pass holders who have lost or damaged their 2017 bus passes are required to complete the Bus Pass Replacement Form, with a cost of $15.00, to reissue a valid pass.


School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS)

Most students residing in Queensland are eligible to apply for subsidised travel to and from school.

Transport is provided on our services for these students who present a current and applicable travel pass when boarding the bus.

The School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) is a scheme offered by the Queensland Government to provide assistance with school transport for eligible children in conjunction with schools and transport providers.

School students who do not qualify for STAS can still utilise our services, however, payment of cash or valid go card must be presented prior to travelling on our services.

To be eligible to apply for travel assistance in Queensland, students must make a minimum of two trips per week on the eligible service.

Students must be enrolled in an approved state school; non-state schools must be approved by the Department of Education, Training and Employment.

Yatala Bus & Coach is committed to ensuring the Code of Conduct for school students travelling on buses is upheld and ongoing training and education programs are in place to facilitate effective implementation of the code.

All students have the right to a safe and enjoyable journey between home and school.


Withdrawal of School Bus Pass

Queensland Transport and Main Roads reserves the right to withdraw a travel pass if an investigation shows the student to be ineligible. Following notification to the parent/guardian, any issued pass must be surrendered to the school principal or Yatala Bus & Coach and subsidised travel ceases immediately.